Stop the Intentional Flooding of O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation

In 1974, crown corporation Manitoba Hydro flooded the lands of O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation / South Indian Lake, when they diverted the Churchill River to generate hydroelectric power. In doing so, they caused immeasurable destruction to ecosystems and communities, which is still very much felt today. As part of this development, Manitoba Hydro was granted an Interim Licence that allowed water fluctuations of 2 feet over a twelve-month period, much like fluctuations in nature. However, in 1986, through the Augmented Flow Program, the province granted additional freedom to Manitoba Hydro to “to raise Southern Indian Lake an extra six inches, lower it an extra foot, and draw the lake down by 4.5 feet annually, instead of the 2-foot annual limit in the Interim Licence.” These fluctuations have further contributed to the loss of the culturally and ecologically vital species, sacred burial sites, local economies, and ways of life. Then on May 12, 2021, without engaging in meaningful consultation with affected communities or conducting proper environmental assessments, the Manitoba government unilaterally decided to grant Manitoba Hydro a permanent licence to control the water levels.

Community members and allies have been engaged in ongoing efforts to halt this destruction associated with the licenses granted to Manitoba Hydro. To get involved in helping this campaign, please consider:

Signing this petition calling on the government to stop this destruction

Donate to the community groups to help cover their legal costs   

-Sharing the information found at the following campaign-specific pages: 

-Check out our blog post here with more information on the Churchill River Diversion impacts.


Video by Michael Tyas for Wa Ni Ska Tan