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We want the world to learn about the challenges and destruction of hydro dam development, so are sharing stories from communities around the globe. We have two main options for sharing:

  • Blog posts can include: an opinion piece, update on dam development, information on campaigns, art, video, or short story related to hydro impacts and resistance. Examples of our blogs can be found here (embedded link to the blog page).
  • Community stories include: a coordinate point on the map (embedded link to main page), history of the ongoing impacts and resistance efforts, photos, video, audio recordings, and more. Examples of community stories can be found here (embedded link to the community stories page).

To submit a blog piece or contact us to help you organize the story, please contact or fill out the contact forms here:

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Interested in taking an active role in the direction of the network? Join a subcommittee! These focus groups meet virtually approximately 1-2 times per month and take a lead on different interest areas.

We currently have room on our website subcommittee, with more committees to come in the near future.

If you wish to join or organize a subcommittee, please email:

Share your Resources

As a growing network of networks, we welcome anyone that wishes to provide knowledge, resources, or people power. Our Network Connections include organizations and groups that are active in our network. Individuals that wish to provide services, can be included on the Advocacy and Support page’s list of experts. If you have something to share with the network, or would like to be listed as a community connection, please email us at