Peter Kulchyski

Peter Kulchyski is a professor of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba, specializing in Indigenous cultural politics, critical theory, modern treaties, Indigenous rights and northern resource conflicts in Canada.  He is non aboriginal, and grew up in a mining family in northern Manitoba, where he attended a government run residential high school, before studying politics at the University of Winnipeg and York University.
Among his many books are Like the Sound of a Drum; Aboriginal Rights are Not Human Rights; and Report of an Inquiry into an Injustice.  Among his awards are the RH Foundation of Winnipeg, Dr John Bowman Memorial Award for research, 2018 and Honorary Senior Fellow, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in the Americas, New York University, Awarded in Mexico City, 2019.  Dr Kulchyski has been working on the impacts of hydro development in northern Manitoba since 2005, and initiated and led tours of the affected Cree communities from 2013.