KJ Joy

Joy, Senior Fellow with Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM), Pune, India, has been an activist-researcher for more than 35 years. He was a full-time activist with a rural toilers’ movement in South Maharashtra for about eight years. He coordinates the activities of the national network, “Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India”. His areas of interest include drought, participatory irrigation management, river-basin management, institutions, multi-stakeholder processes, water conflicts, dams and hydropower, renewable energy, water ethics and people’s movements. He was a Fulbright Fellow with the University of California at Berkeley. He was the recipient of TN Khoshoo Memorial Award for 2016. He has published extensively on water-environment-development issues and some of his co-authored/co-edited books include: India’s Water Futures: Emergent Ideas and Pathways; Alternative Futures: India Unshackled; Water Conflicts in Northeast India, Water Conflicts in India: A Million Revolts in the Making; Community-based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases from South Asia; Sustainable Technology: Making the Sardar Sarovar Project Viable — A Comprehensive Proposal to Modify the Project for Greater Equity and Ecological Sustainability, Banking on Biomass: A New Strategy for Sustainable Prosperity Based on Renewable Energy and Dispersed Industrialisation.

Websites: www.soppecom.org; www.waterconflictforum.org