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Groups Create San José Declaration Counter Statement

Dam Watch International, along with environmental and social justice organizations from around the world are proud to publish the following statement countering the claims of the “San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower” being presented at the 2021 World Hydropower Congress, hosted virtually by Costa Rica from September 7-24.

In 2019, over 270 civil society organizations from around the world signed the joint statement, “False Promises of Hydro-Power”, in response to the World Hydropower Congress (WHC) in Paris. The declaration highlighted the science and facts surrounding the hydropower industry, countering the marketing claims that dams can deliver the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. The truths explained in the joint statement remain true today as dam proponents gather virtually for the 2021 WHC hosted by Costa Rica, making further claims for the “sustainability” of hydropower.

Read here the San José Declaration COUNTER STATEMENT.

The following organizations have endorsed the counter statement:

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